Exploring the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: A Day with Samsung’s New Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is a fancy new phone from Samsung, and I’ve been using it for a day. It may look a lot like the older Galaxy S23 Ultra, but it comes with something called Galaxy AI. That’s just a fancy way of saying it has tools and features powered by smart computer stuff. This smart stuff can generate text and responses that sound like they’re from a real person (though they’re not always right). It’s the same kind of tech used in ChatGPT.

I want to tell you about two cool things I’ve noticed so far: Circle to Search and Instant Slow-Mo. These are my favorite features. Circle to Search lets me draw a circle around anything on the screen, and the phone does a quick Google search for it. It’s simple, works well, and feels genuinely useful in everyday life, unlike some other AI features.

I need more time to check out all the cool things Galaxy AI can do, especially the new 50-megapixel camera. As I mentioned before, Samsung’s AI features don’t seem wildly different from what Microsoft and Google offer. Instead, it shows that these AI features are becoming standard on new phones.

Samsung Galaxy AI feature so far

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra feature.

Galaxy AI covers a bunch of stuff like editing photos, sending texts, making calls, and taking notes. There’s a tool to get rid of unwanted things in photos, and the Samsung Notes app helps organize notes neatly. The phone can even translate phone calls in real time between different languages. But the one feature that really caught my eye is Circle to Search.

I’ve tried Circle to Search, and it’s pretty good at figuring out what I’m looking for based on what I circle. For example, I circled a picture of a character from a TV show, and the phone showed me more info about the actress who plays her. But when I circled her outfit, it gave me results on where to buy similar clothes. Neat, right?

I’ve also used the Galaxy S24 Ultra for organizing my notes and transcribing meetings. It turns my messy lists into tidy bullet points, which is handy. Samsung’s Recorder app can transcribe meetings and summarize the important points. While I wouldn’t rely on it completely for work, it’s a cool way to see what topics were discussed during a meeting.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra new slow motion & telephoto camera

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra camera interface

Now, let’s talk about the new camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. It has a 50-megapixel telephoto camera with 5x optical zoom, different from the older model. I haven’t tested it a lot, but the photos at 5x zoom look sharper with less blurriness.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5x zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5x zoom.

Aside from better picture quality, Samsung added some fun camera tricks. One of them is Instant Slow-Mo, which I really like. Just by holding down on a video, the phone turns it into a slow-motion video by adding extra frames. You can even preview how it looks in slow motion.

All in all, Galaxy AI seems to make Samsung’s phones more helpful. Features like Circle to Search and note summaries are practical and not just for show. But the big question is whether Samsung can stand out, especially when Google’s phones (Google Pixel) offer similar things. They even plan to bring Galaxy AI to the older Galaxy S23 phones. Let’s see what the future holds!

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